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Again, Polbeng Sends Alumni to Continue their Studies in Taiwan

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State Polytechnic of Bengkalis (Polbeng) will again send ten Alumni to Taiwan in October 2021.

This information was conveyed by M. Alkadri Perdana, Polbeng’s Head of International Affairs on Friday (18/6).
M. Alkadri Perdana explained that sending the alumni was a continuation of the direct collaboration program - MoU, a further study scheme funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of Taiwan and Universities in Taiwan in collaboration with State Polytechnic of Bengkalis.

\"Thank God, studying in Taiwan still continues, indeed the program was suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic and the program continues in 2021. Our 10 alumni, who graduated in 2020, will depart this year, in October 2021. Currently, we are in the selection process of registration form and documents’ completeness,\" he explained.
Meanwhile, as previously reported, Thursday (17/6), 7 Polbeng Alumni who attended Hsing Wu University\'s 2+1 Industry Academia Collaboration program have graduated virtually, including 4 other alumni who have also completed their master\'s degrees at Yunlin Technology University in Taiwan, respectively, Andika Zain, Ilham Saputra, Rizki Umami and Ardi.

\"Alumni who we sent in 2019, Thank God, they have graduated and they will be finished in 2 months. We recently sent a civil engineering alumnus. Additionally, 2 alumni will also graduate next month virtually after being postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic. These two civil engineering students intend to continue their studies there (in Taiwan) again for a master’s degree,\" he explained.

The learning program in Taiwan is the main attraction. According to Alkadri Perdana, the learning pattern is divided into two, one and a half years of theoretical study and one and a half years of internship in a multinational company.

\"They have one year and a half for theoretical study at universities, then another year and a half doing an internship in a company. I have been there, thank God, the company in Taiwan is really a multinational company. Working in the company will definitely allow students gaining knowledge and experience required in today’s 4.0 industry in large companies. In this case, the students will get the advantage of being able to communicate both in Mandarin and English,\" he said.