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Alumni of Polbeng Attend a Graduation Ceremony at Hsingwu University, Taiwan

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A number of alumni State Polytechnic of Bengkalis (Polbeng) batches 1 and 2 continuing their studies at Hsingwu University Taiwan attended a virtual graduation on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

The alumni of Polbeng batch 1 who attended the graduation were Bustami, Florida, Rizka Rahmawati Rambe, Ita Kardila and Khusnul Himami. While the alumni of batch 2 were Nila Sri Hardianti and Nurmalinda.
Johny Custer, ST, MT, Director of Polbeng, said that the seven alumni attending the graduation were alumni who participated in the 2+I Industry-Academia program in Taiwan.

\"The admission process is through an internal campus selection based on English and Mandarin proficiency and GPA scores, followed by an interview by a representative from Hsingwu University, Taiwan\", Johny explained on Thursday, June 17, 2021. Additionally, Johny explained that this program was initiated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.
Furthermore, Johny explained that the studying in Taiwan has several advantages, including the following:
  1. Students study for only 1.5 years at universities and do internships for 1.5 years at multinational companies according to their competencies/fields of study.
  2. Each student must be able to communicate in Mandarin and English since Mandarin is one of the second international languages after English.
  3. Each student gets dormitory/lodging facilities in semester 1, free tuition in the first year, monthly financial assistance for the first three months and reimbursement of quarantine fees (depending on the policy of each university).
  4. Having an opportunity of part-time work during lectures of up to 20 hours per week.
  5. Getting assistance from the Ministry of Education and Culture/settlement allowance worth 12 million rupiah.

Furthermore, personally and on behalf of Polbeng, Johny expressed his appreciation to the alumni who have graduated.
“Congratulations to all Polbeng’s alumni who have graduated at Hsingwu University Taiwan. Hopefully, everything that has been accomplished can be fully implemented in the industry and workplace,\" he concluded.