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Polbeng Wins 1st Place in I3CE Program Competition

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State Polytechnic of Bengkalis (Polbeng) won first place in the research paper category while outperforming 3 other polytechnics in the Innovation Competition, Conference and Career Exhibition (I3Ce Series 2/2021) Program which was held virtually by Malacca Polytechnic in October - November 2020.

In addition to winning first place in the research paper category, State Polytechnic of Bengkalis also won second and third place in the product category.

Winners were announced virtually on Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

The competition was participated by other polytechnics, including State Polytechnic of Bandung, Sriwijaya Polytechnic, and Medan Polytechnic.

Brilliant achievements achieved by Rio Chandra, a D3 Informatics Engineering Department student as the first winner in the research paper category entitled Designing a Vehicle Detection and Calculation Application to the Bengkalis RoRo Harbor Using OpenCv; Reza Septian Harianto, Rinaldy Fernanda, and Bayu Wahyudi, three D3 Naval Architecture Engineering Study Program students, Naval Architecture Engineering Department as the second winner in the product category entitled Design of Plate Cutting Tale for Semi Automatic Mobile Plat Cutting Machine; and Muhammad Fauzi, a student of D4 Software Engineering Study Program as the third winner in the product category entitled Development of Android Based Fire Disaster Response Mobile Application, add to the series of brilliant achievements that have been achieved by Polbeng.

Responding to the results, Johny Custer, ST, MT, Director of State Polytechnic of Bengkalis, said he was proud of the students’ achievements.

\"This accomplishment is a brilliant achievement and deserves to be a model for other Polbeng students,\" Johny Custer said.
He also added that Rio Chandra\'s achievement proves that the quality of Polbeng\'s education has improved and made significant progress.

Furthermore, he expressed gratitude to supervisors who had provided guidance to their students, therefore they are able to create the existing talents to become more developed and innovative.

Separately, Alkadri, the Head of Polbeng\'s International Affairs Office and PIC, said he was also proud of the students’ achievements.

\"This is a remarkable achievement. Winning first place in this prestigious event is a matter of pride for the entire Polbeng Academic Community,\" he said.

Furthermore, Alkadri said that this achievement has proven that the thesis or research/final project of Polbeng’s students are competitive with other polytechnics, even being able to win a competition.

\"Hopefully, this achievement will be a motivation for other Polbeng’s students to participate in making this alma mater proud,\" he concluded.