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So Proud, Eight Alumni of Polbeng will Continue their Studies at Three Universities in Taiwan

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Alumni of State Polytechnic of Bengkalis (Polbeng) shared proud news. Eight alumni who graduated in 2017 and 2018 will continue their studies at three universities in Taiwan through the 2+i Industry Academia Collaboration program, Taiwan-Indonesia 2019, specifically the scholarship program of the Taiwan government through the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO).

This program aims to encourage outstanding students, specifically graduates of associate degree (D3), to continue their studies in Taiwan. This program provides students with 2 years of education at universities and one-year internship at companies in Taiwan according to their fields of science before graduating and obtaining bachelor\'s degrees.

According to the international office staff records, there were at least 89 alumni from 18 polytechnics in Indonesia who successfully passed the selection for this opportunity. Eight of the 89 participants were alumni of State Polytechnic of Bengkalis, including 5 alumni of D3 English Language who graduated in 2018, 2 alumni of D3 Civil Engineering who graduated in 2017 and 2018, and 1 alumnus of D3 Naval Architecture Engineering who graduated in 2018.

These eight alumni will continue their studies at three different universities and different departments. Florida, Khusnul Himami, Ita Kardila, Rizka Rahmawati Rambe and Bustami, alumni of D3 English Language, will continue their studies in the Department of Hospitality Management at Hsing Wu University. Then, Ainun Husna and Muhammad Ramadhan, alumni of D3 Civil Engineering, will study in the Department of Civil Engineering at Minghsin University. Meanwhile, Andri, an alumnus of D3 Naval Architecture Engineering, will continue his studies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Cheng Shiu University.

Before being declared to have passed the selection, all of these participants had previously passed an interview test with a professor from Taiwan in November 2018 in Medan. Prior to the departure, all participants received a briefing from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 26-27, at a hotel in Jakarta.

Muhamad Milchan, Director of Polbeng, who also attended the briefing expressed his congratulations to alumni who will continue their studies in Taiwan. Considering that these participants will be abroad for approximately three years, he hopes that they will feel at home even if they have to be away from their families. \"There are numerous sophisticated communication media available today, such as video calls. Hopefully the convenience of this technology can cure the feeling of longing for family when they are far apart,\" Milchan said.

Muhamad Milchan also hopes that more alumni will participate in this program for the next implementation. “This is a great opportunity to achieve the dream of studying abroad. We hope that this opportunity is taken advantage of to the fullest extent possible,” he concluded.