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Polbeng Sends 6 Students to Southeast Asia for SEA-TVET Program

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Polbeng sent 6 Students for an Overseas Internship Exchange Program as a realization of the meeting of state universities in the Southeast Asia region, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines with the SEA-TVET (Southeast Asian Technical and Vocational Education and Training) program Internship Exchange Program initiated by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMO) along with vocational institutions from countries in the ASEAN region.

This activity has been achieved with the departure of students since August 11 to start implementing the program.

There are 65 universities from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines that participated in the program.

State Polytechnic of Bengkalis (Polbeng) as one of the State Polytechnic campuses in Riau Province that participated in the program also sent six students to universities in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines for internships.

Three of the six students, including Fitri from the D4 International Business Administration Study Program, Ravika Wulandari from the D3 Business English Study Program had left for Thailand and Anggi Hendrianto from the D4 Electrical Engineering Study Program had left for the Philippines on 11 August 2018.\" M. Alkadri Perdana said.

Meanwhile, Ilham Saputra and Sabri N, students of D4 Production and Maintenance Mechanical Engineering Study Program, Roni Akmal, a student of D4 Road and Bridge Construction Engineering Study Program, left for Malaysia today, August 18, 2018,\" he added.

Furthermore, M. Alkadri also explained that this internship exchange program will be carried out for one month. The participants who previously departed have participated and passed the selection held by the SMEO organizers. The selection was based on students\' academic scores, English language skills, and student independence.

\"During the internship, participants will be introduced to the campus where they are interning, the departments at the universities, as well as an introduction to the culture of the country, and many other activities.\"

\"Meanwhile, Polbeng will accept two students from Ungku Omar Polytechnic Malaysia for a week internship at State Polytechnic of Bengkalis and 3 weeks at PT Indah Kiat as a polbeng industry partner in ensuring the success of the internship exchange activity.\"

\"This is the first Polbeng’s participation in an internship exchange program abroad and it is one of the first steps toward establishing Polbeng as one of leading vocational institutions with international standards,\" M. Alkadri Perdana said as Polbeng’s international affairs staff as well as the coordinator of the internship program smeo-tvet for Polbeng.

\"Hopefully, through this activity, we can equate the graduates’ competence of vocational programs in ASEAN so as to minimize the gap in the MEA era,\" he added.