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Establishing International Collaboration, Polbeng Signs MoU with Chihlee University, Taiwan

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Establishing International Collaboration, Polbeng Signs MoU with Chihlee University, Taiwan

Since April 30, Muhamad Milchan, Director of State Polytechnic of Bengkalis (Polbeng), has been in Taiwan with personnel of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and 24 other Directors of State Polytechnics from Indonesia to fulfill the invitation of the Minister of Education of Taiwan in the Industry Academia Collaboration for Polytechnic Students, an Indonesia-Taiwan education collaboration meeting.

The Indonesian delegation will be in Taiwan until May 6 to participate in a series of events planned by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan, one of which is a dinner attended by Polytechnic and University Leaders from Taiwan and Indonesia along with the Deputy Minister of Education of Taiwan Dr. Leehter Yao after the implementation of the Taiwan-Indonesia Working Meeting on Education on Wednesday (2/5) evening in New Taipei City. During the event, the Director of Polbeng signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Chihlee University of Science and Technology, Taiwan.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding between Polbeng and Chihlee University will strengthen the relationship between the two parties in the scope of Student Exchange, Student Internship Exchange, Joint Research, Human Resource Development Programs, and Double Degree Programs.
\"I am delighted with the collaboration because there will be many benefits gained, particularly for students of Polbeng. They have the opportunity to get academic degrees from foreign universities, certificates of international competence, and last but not least, the opportunity and experience to study and work in Taiwan. In addition, they can also learn about the cultures of other nations and get involved in global relations,\" Muhamad Milchan said.

He also hopes that many students will be interested and accepted to participate in the program which will begin in 2018.
\"I encourage all students of Polbeng to continue improving their English skills, because it is one of the selection requirements,\" Milchan hopes.